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Turkey clothing manufacturers

When picking a clothing manufacturer to work with, one of the most important factors to evaluate is the country in which the manufacturer resides. Here at Sewport, we know firsthand the logistical challenges that come with partnering with clothing manufacturers in countries across the globe.

We assimilated data from a variety of sources to analyze the different attributes of apparel manufacturers in different countries. The data came from studies done by professors, various nonprofits, and journalists covering this area.

Using the World Integrated Trade Solution calculator from World Bank, we found out how much textiles and clothing every country exported. We then put that data onto a global map so you can take a better look:.

We also added the total amount of textile and clothing exports so you can see how the industry is changing:. One clear trend here is that China, even though it is the largest exporter of clothes and textiles, is losing market share to the rest of the world. We guess that political uncertainty and concerns about the trade war with America have a lot to do with that decline.

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Despite those gains, keep in mind how much more China exports than the rest of the world, as it exports more than the rest of the top five combined. If you want to work with a manufacturer in Europe, you have several options. Italy, Turkey, and Germany are in the top ten, but they have all lost market share. Keep in mind that this is a measure of exports, not total production.

There is certainly a significant amount of clothing manufacturing in America that never leaves the country and goes straight to American consumers. Mexico, as the second-biggest exporter in North America, is also worth considering. Very little clothing is imported from Africa or South America. Even though the labor might be cheaper, our guess is that the business industry has decided that ,for now, these continents are too geo-politically unstable.

If you do want to manufacture clothing in these continents, Brazil and Egypt are the biggest exporters in South America and Africa respectively. For various political reasons, workers in the garment industry can get paid more or less than the minimum wage.

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For example, the nonprofit Micro Opportunities found that Bangladesh women garment workers earn less than minimum wage over 60 percent of the time. On the other hand, garment workers in America earn more than the federal minimum wage because certain states have a higher minimum wage and guaranteed benefits vary from state to state. All of that shows how determining what garment workers get paid by country requires detailed analysis.

The best source we found for actual garment worker minimum wages came from Public Radio International:. As you would expect, developed countries like Turkey and America pay garment workers the most. What is interesting is that, despite its reputation, China is no longer the cheapest source of labor. If you do want to get clothing manufactured in Asia, know that there is a significant variation from country to country. Thailand and Malaysia both pay its garment workers more than twice as much as China pays its garment workers.

Keep in mind that labor cost is only a small portion of the total cost of a piece of clothing.Turkeythe bridge between Asia and Europehas transformed itself into one of the largest destinations for textile and apparel sourcing in the world. Over hundred of years, Turkish culture and fashion dominated the Eastern Mediterranean, taking influences from around the world and mixing them together to create something amazing.

Turkey is an excellent destination for textile sourcing, fabric dyeing, and production, mixing high-quality craftsmanship with modern technology to produce products that consumers love.

Turkey clothing Manufacturers

Interested to find a manufacturer in Turkey? Sqetch can help you. Eleven Athletics is a fully equipped apparel manufacturer with high tech sublimation and sewing machines in our factory.

We work as a big family to create the best designs and high-quality products for your brand. We were established in in Ankara, Turkey. We begin the process from an image or a simple drawing from our clients, and then we bring that idea to life. We are already excited to work with you! Turkey has been the ideal place to manufacturer apparel for a long time now.

We are located in-between EuropeAsiaand Africa, and have easy access to shipping to America. We have lower production costs than many European manufacturers and have access to higher-quality fabrics than many Asian countries.

We dye our clothes locally and with the help of the Turkish government, producing in Turkey has little to no administrative hurdles. What advice would you give new designers and start-up brands? To new designers and start-up brands, I would say to come and produce in Turkey. We are always excited to help turn your dreams into a reality and our excellent team is here for you along every step of the way.

Show the world what your brand has to offer! Some of the largest fabric dyeing companies are based in Turkey. Log in Sign Up Free. The Sourcing Magazine.

All News Interviews Directory Guides. Sqetch Directory Apparel Manufacturing in Turkey Turkeythe bridge between Asia and Europehas transformed itself into one of the largest destinations for textile and apparel sourcing in the world.

Can you tell us what your company is all about? Why is Turkey a good place to manufacture apparel?A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

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Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Fabric Type Worsted Chiffon Woolen. BusinessType China clothing manufacturers turkey clothing manufacturers turkey suppliers. Children's clothing sets wholesale clothing turkey manufacturers. Contact Supplier.

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In the near future, HeyouJ2 will continue to increase production capacity steadily. Brand clothing new men business casual polo shirt clothing manufacturers turkey. Zakiyyah Good quality cotton abaya egypt manufacturers turkey wholesale womens clothing. Product name: Zakiyyah Good quality cotton abaya egypt manufacturers turkey wholesale womens clothing Product number: Zakiyyah Color: green Size: Free Material:Cotton MOQ: 10pcs Packing way: 1 pcs in 1 opp bag, or customer requirement Feature: Breathable,Eco-Friendly,Plus Size,Quick Dry Dimensions are for your reference, or contact our service Due to manual measurement, please allow to cm error.

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Clothing manufacturers turkey two color mens polo shirt OEM slim fit man polo t-shirt. Hot selling clothing manufacturers turkey OEM. MOQ: Capacity: pcs per color per style. We can design all you expectation. Each department,have Professional person. High quality street wear hiphop side split heavyweight t shirt curve hem clothing manufacture. New arrival muslim women pleated velvet abaya dress Pakistan Saudi Turkey islamic clothing. China manufacturer plus size grey front zipper muslim women clothing ,prayer clothing muslim women.

Manufacturer custom Islamic clothing 3 color vogue suit women sequins embroidery Modest Long Sleeve Turkey pants with belts.

turkey clothing manufacturers

If you have any question or doubt, pls feel free to contact us.Sewport connects you with verified clothing manufacturers in Turkey, making it simpler for clothing brands and fashion designers to reach professional and local fashion production factories when starting a new clothing brand. Here, search through our database of verified fashion production professionals and factories to find your ideal business partner. We collate reviews from designers and entrepreneurs so you can see what like-minded people are saying about our most highly-rated, professional fashion production factories in Turkey.

From brands with bulk orders to small businesses looking for customised apparel for their clothing line, our customers have found the right manufacturing process for their brands. Why not make use of the fashion tech that has been created to make your job a lot easier?

Find Turkey based clothing manufacturers that are verified and ready to take on your job. With a promise to supply high-quality fashion garments, our team has grown to over 20 administration staff, we well as over 80 production and manufacturing staff.

The clothing manufacturing industry is so important to our country and our economy. We are proud of our factories and the products we produce are exported to all over the world with our guarantee of skill, quality and professionalism.

New designers always bring out the best in us. We also love the excitement emerging designers bring to the industry with their individual vision of changing the fashion landscape. Our community of Turkey-based production factories is ready and waiting to help your business with anything from technical drawings and pattern grading to full package production, including the highest standard quality control procedures.

Starting a clothing line can be complex but using Sewport makes choosing your production partners in Turkey straightforward and protects you with its completely secure platform and payment system.

turkey clothing manufacturers

If you have the vision but need the connections, Sewport can help you find the ideal Turkey clothing manufacturer to team with your new fashion label. Known for its popular holiday destinations, its world-famous food and its stunning mosques, Turkey was drawing over 40 million tourists every year, a figure which has unfortunately dropped significantly sincewhere the country saw a drop to 25 million tourists throughout the year.

One of the most popular spots in the country for travellers is Antalya, a hub for beautiful resorts and picturesque scenery. Safety for tourists in Istanbul has been under scrutiny since their recent terror attacks but with 1.

Alongside stunning locations, such as Pamukkale, Turkey is also host to a wealth of ancient sites, such as the ancient Greek cities of Ephesus and Troy; an adventure for any history enthusiast. You can also browse the best Sewport manufacturer in Turkey by category. Read articles from the Sewport blog about manufacturers in Turkey. Did you know we helped over brands find garment manufacturers and specialists and we can help you too Sewport Top clothing manufacturers Turkey.

Turkey clothing Manufacturers Sewport connects you with verified clothing manufacturers in Turkey, making it simpler for clothing brands and fashion designers to reach professional and local fashion production factories when starting a new clothing brand. Browse now Talk to an expert.

Top Turkey clothing Manufacturers Here, search through our database of verified fashion production professionals and factories to find your ideal business partner.

Too Fabric Custom Clothing Manufacturer. Sondos Tekstile. Teknoloji Tekstil San ve Dis Tic. JIffone Textile.Have you decided to venture into the clothing industry or are you already established clothing items seller? It is no surprise because the clothing industry is one of the leading businesses around the world.

turkey clothing manufacturers

It is among the most popular niches. However, to start and succeed in your clothing business, such as dropshipping clothingyou need to do thorough research and select a genuine clothing distributor where you will be outsourcing your clothing items. A successful clothing business is dependent on the supplier you chose because a supplier can provide you with high-quality products or low-quality products.

turkey clothing manufacturers

It is your distributor who will determine the type of customer service you will deliver to your clothing clients and the fulfillment strategies. If you are gonna to start your clothing business or want to find clothes factories in Turkey, then you are in the right place. They will provide good quality clothing items for your business. Therefore your business might go a notch higher if you can outsource clothing items for your business from Turkish clothing manufacturers.

All said and done; you can find Apparel manufacturers for private label clothing in Turkey though one of the following ways. Own connections- You can find a clothing distributor through use of personal connections. If possible try to leverage your network. Platforms - There are several platforms where you can get listed Turkish clothing manufacturers.

Sqetch is one of such platforms. In this platform, you only need to upload your project. Agents - In other circumstances, you can consider going through the agent to find an apparel manufacturer for private label clothing in Turkey. The only disadvantage to using agents is that; it is somehow expensive as compared to other methods.

Konsey is a textile wear supplier that is located in Izmir, Turkey. They offer varieties of woven and knitted wear in all sizes for all genders, young and old. Currently, their clothing items are mainly sweatshirts, t-shirts, jogging sets, socks, nightwear, and polo piquet shirts. It is a reputable manufacturer and a supplier of high-quality shirts for kids, men as well as for ladies. They offer the best prices for your wholesale deals in most parts of the world. Oasis shirts have a low MOQ of about pcs.

Oasis shirts is a private label company, which implies that you can use your logo in your order. It is an export company located in Istanbul, Turkey. It allows business people to customize their clothing according to their tastes.

Sunman produces clothing items with low MOQ of about 50 pieces per model. They supply their clothes to instaboutiques and international clothing business beginners. They have a large model archive, and they can produce about pcs in a week with sustainable standards.We represent vogue designs of more than turkish clothing brands and looking for strong long-term cooperation with international customers! Approximate shipping time is days. Another good approach is to ship orders using Turkish postal service PTT.

It's fast and cheap enough, you can use our simple shipping calculator for PTT to find out shipping cost to your country. Anyway after online purchase we will contact with your to discuss all details and other possible formalities.

To get more information about shipping please visit our web-page "Delivery Information". The recommended reliable payment service is WorldRemit. Using it you can transfer money online in a few clicks with low fees. Note that for some services you will pay extra fees, that are not included to invoice. All necessary contact information for payment we will provide after ordering.

Our turkish online clothing shop offers a mix of stylish apparels for women, children and jentlemen. Actual fashion trendsvast variety of comfort wear, fast order gathering all in one in turkopt wholesale clothes boutique. If you are looking for cheap online shopping then our wholesale website is the best choice! We keep abreast of ladies fashion and offer the newest clothing models. You have unique possibility to be the first to buy trendy clothes of turkish manufacturers.

We are located in Istanbul and deliver from here newest fashions all over the world! To cooperate with us please contact with our english speaking staff, we'll try to answer for all questions you are interested in!

Retail from Turkey. Sale from shop in Russia. Evening Dresses. Dresses A. T-shirts A. Jeans Pants A. Woman Clothes China.

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For girls. For boys. Stock A. Summer stock. Clothes in assortment. Retail jeans pants. Retail blouses shirts. Retail T-shirts. Retail sweatshirts jackets. Retail skirts shorts. Retail outwear. Retail dresses. Retail suits. XXL pants.Welcome to Turkey Clothing Manufacturers, your production partner for launching brands and scale ups in the clothing business.

Starting a clothing brand or clothing collection is an intensive proces for the newly beginners and goes with a lot off criteria. We understand fully that as a beginner you are following your long lasting dream in setting up your own clothing label and therefore support your entrepreneurial spirit.


As a team we strive to help you throughout the whole proces in organising clothing manufacturing in Turkey. Get ready for a lot of preparation before the first WOW effect creating apparels will be manufactured. You will need to prepare some homework. Clothing collection does not come overnight…: Details of design, fabric, labelling, prints and sizing charts are just a few to name. All new ideas have to put into a drawing sketches or computer designs in order to determine a preview. Either you will have some physical samples available of the desired models or you will need to send us some drawings which we will use for making the first samples.

Reproduction of your available physical samples is also a must. Without a sampling of your collection starting production is simply not possible. Proof of concept is necessary. Also fabric details have to be predetermined before a sample can be made. These details are a part of your techpack per design. Having received your final approval the production of the desired quantities will start.

In case of made to order fabrics first we will start by giving the orders to the fabric producers before cutting will take place. If we will make use of existing stock fabrics the start of production will be quickly. Just send us an email and we will take you by the hand. Branding Clothing? Techpack Clothing Manufacturer? These details per design can also be written simply in an excel sheet.

Clothing Samples? We as a Turkey clothing manufacturer can act a sample producer in the beginning. Starting production clothing collection? Deadlines are set and complications are communicated timely with the customer. Don't know where to start? Close Menu.

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