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Writy fnp0 puffco plus v2 review

Puffco is a young Brooklyn, NY based company at the forefront of sophisticated wax vaporizer design. Intheir Puffco Pro was voted best wax vaporizer out of vaporizers reviewed by High Times Magazine.

Their latest release in May of this year is the Puffco Plus vape pen for wax, rosin, and other concentrates. The Puffco Plus is a step ahead in vape pen design. Most vaporizers have coils that come in contact with the contents of the bowl. This produces off flavors and potential health concerns.

The Puffco Plus has a convection chamber heated entirely from the outside. The coil never comes in contact with the contents of the chamber, making it produce truly clean, flavorful vapor. Together, the dart and sealed ceramic chamber create especially rich and tasty vapor. This unit is specifically designed for wax products only and should not be used with dry herbs or liquid concentrates.

The Puffco Plus vaporizer is as sleek and trim as its predecessor. About the size of a pen flashlight, it is packaged at the top of the box and is the first thing you see when you open it. The package includes:. The mouthpiece unscrews from the top of the vaporizer for cleaning and loading the chamber. The mouthpiece sits directly over the heating chamber. The dart has several purposes.

One is to allow you to easily pick up small pieces of wax and load them into the chamber. The dart also presses the heated wax against the sides of the chamber, causing it to heat more evenly.

Beyond that, the dart also directs vapor and heat through the unit to the mouthpiece using a uniquely engineered airflow design that reduces clogging and creates clouds of satisfying vapor. The heating chamber is made of pure, high-grade ceramic material. There are no plastic parts used. The chamber is sealed off from the heating element which is integrated. There are four small holes at the midpoint of the chamber where air enters it, creating the convection flow that heats the wax.

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The dart is an integral part of this design, and it sticks into the chamber, directing the heat back down and the fresh vapor back up to the mouthpiece. Puffco recommends removing any residue in the chamber after each session or it can spill out or run through the airflow holes and get in contact with the coil.

The chamber is self-cleaning. Be sure to do this over a paper towel. You do not need to use a swab to clean out the chamber, although you can if you want. But the manufacturer says not to use any alcohol or cleaning solutions inside the chamber or it can damage the unit.Puffco Plus is one of the sleekest-looking vape pens around. It features a mouthpiece with a built-in dab tool and has a ceramic chamber that produces mild and tasty vapor.

It retains the qualities of the previous Puffco Plus but with a whole new aesthetic—a psychedelic trippy theme. Vision Plus has a multi-colored body that looks good for the eyes. The power button has a neon green color while the mouth tip is blue.

Also, the grips included in the box come with two different color variants. However, the mouth tip plunger that is used to extend the Dart can make inhaling from the device feel a little strange at first. You get used to it pretty quickly but remember to make sure that your fingers are clean when using it since your mouth will be going there later. The Plus has a Ceramic coil that produces strong and cleaner vapor.

And since Ceramic is a neutral material, it does not have any effect on the flavor of the wax so the taste is pure. It does have a slow heat time compared to rod coils but it heats the wax more evenly.

However, ceramic coils can be a little fragile, they can get a crack or break if you dropped it. The Plus is a simple and straightforward device like most of the vape pens. It also has a Sesh Mode where it heats up continuously for twelve seconds. This can be done by rapidly clicking the power button, twice. For more information, you can down the user manual here. The Plus is pretty easy to clean.

You can just use one of the included cleaning swabs that have been soaked in isopropyl alcohol to wipe away any excess residue in the bowl. For a stubborn residue, you can engage sesh mode repeatedly on the highest setting—this will melt any excess residue.

The heat-up time is quite slow since it uses a ceramic bowl compared to some vape pens but the flavor produced by the Plus is phenomenal. The draw resistance is good that you can get smooth and flavorful vapor at any temp settings but the middle one is my favorite. Battery Performance: The Plus uses a mAh battery that lasts for just under an hour, which should be a full day for most users.

It can recharge in thirty to forty-five minutes which is much faster than some vape pens in the same category. I really wished that Puffco improved the battery life when they released the Vision Plus instead of improving the Dart. The Puffco Plus is a small and durable vape pen that produces potent vapor. I got a good result with just using a tiny dab since it vapes the wax efficiently.

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However, the Plus cannot produce big intense clouds that some vapers like. Instead, it produces soft and mild vapor, which I personally prefer over the intense vapor of pens such as the Utillian 5 Review Buy. Who is it for: Vapers who like to take discreet sessions and prioritize vapor quality above anything else. Who is it NOT for: Anyone who likes lung-busting clouds when they vape. TVG is a small team of cannabis and vaping enthusiasts that came together to create a vaping guide that's accessible for everyone.

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Over the past seven years, we have collectively tested hundreds of vapes for performance, build and vapor quality, as well as ease of use and overall value. You must be logged in to post a comment. Puffco Plus Review. Review Summary The Puffco Plus is a heavyweight when it comes to producing smooth and tasty vapor. The battery life is a little disappointing, but the short charge time makes up for it. Visit Vape-Smart.

The dab tool—which they call the dart—located in the mouthpiece, is a very useful feature. The integrated dab tool makes loading the Plus a very quick and easy process.

However, anyone who wants big clouds will be disappointed.There are a number of other qualities that also bring this vape pen to the forefront. This is a pretty stellar deal if consumers consider that the Puffco Plus acts not only as a vaporizer, but also has the capability to function like a miniature e-nail rig. Although, there are many cheaper competitor vape pens, the Puffco Plus is by far the best. The company, Puffco, was formed in and it has been continuously churning out innovative and high quality vapes over many years.

The Puffco brand is known to be trustworthy, and health conscious, as they were the first business to eliminate fibrous wicks, glues and other hazardous materials from their products. The amount of time to prep the Puffco Plus for use is virtually nothing.

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First, be sure to charge the device via the USB charger, and then remove the mouthpiece to reveal the built in loading tool. From there, go ahead and load the concentrate, and turn the device on by clicking the button five times quickly. Heat up time is ultra-fast 12 seconds in sesh mode! The vapor quality of the Puffco Plus is the jaw-dropping kind of good. The coil-less ceramic bowl, air ports, and unique design all work together to make dabbing a delicious, revolutionary experience.

It is very portable, easy to use on the go, and overall appears rather stylish for a vape pen. The unit comes in black only with finger-print resistant, glossy finish, and it features sesh mode with a 12 second heat up time for quick and stealthy sessions. The Puffco Plus is very simple to use, and does not require even looking through the manual. The dab tool is literally built in and all users have to do is grab up some wax, and then screw the mouthpiece back on. Reattaching the mouthpiece automatically pushes everything into place, and then the device can be turned on with 5 clicks in succession.

Pressing the same button four times with scroll through the temperature setting, and then users can simply inhale, and enjoy. The Puffco Plus V2 primarily utilizes conduction heating, although air is also drawn in through the dart, so there is convection aspect to it as well. The heating chamber will need to be changed every three months or so, since there is no coil. As far as temperature control goes, there are three different settings to choose from, and they are color coded.

Puffco Pro 2 vs Plus : A Comparison of Puffco’s Two Vape Pens

Green is degrees, blue is degrees and white is degrees Fahrenheit. The thread battery provides about fifty hits on average, and charging typically takes about forty- five minutes to reach full power. That being said the capacity is a bit on the lower end, as the battery is only mAh. Overall, it can be considered a very average power supply for its price point.

The Puffco Plus is one of the best wax vape pens of due to its tasty, perfect cloud production, coil-free bowl, instant heat up with sesh mode, and its gorgeous design and simple facility of use.

Please confirm you are 18 or older. If you aren't 18 or older, we will have to ask you to leave our site.For this review, we will compare two Puffco models that people have recently been interested in. The Puffco Pro 2 vs Plus! Featuring a stainless-steel body and easy to access single coil chamber. The Puffco Plus is smooth and easy to use with the Puffco Dart, and we think original from top to bottom. In comparison to the Pro 2, the Plus is better overall except for the tiny size difference.

Below are the individual category results of each vape pe n review. The PuffCo Pro 2 comes in a small plastic case that holds the battery, atomizer and mouthpiece, a wide flat loading tool, and a thread-on USB charger. A silicone splash guard has also been placed inside the mouthpiece. The PuffCo Pro 2 is one of the smallest pens around at The Puffco Pro 2 battery threads together with the atomizer, and the mouthpiece easily twists off. To power the Pro 2, a squishy cloud shaped button is used to activate the vaporizer and cycle through each of the three heat settings.

PuffCo support confirmed they specify Kanthal heating wire, and join their heating wire to non-resistance leads with crimps. For that reason, the white rod serves mostly to hold the wire in place. A small amount of oil adheres when initially loaded, but once hot tends to run away from the hot wire. The air inlets have been moved for better airflow across the heater, which is a positive improvement.

The Puffco Plus looks like a vape pen designed by Apple, with a beautiful gunmetal design. The mouthpiece blends perfectly into the battery with just 4 small slits for airflow. This definitely comes in handy later. For vapers who wish to stick with their own high-powered mod, the Puffco Plus may not be for you.

Unlike the Puffco Pro 2 that uses a standard connection, the Puffco Plus looks like an eGo connection. This prevents you from using other batteries. The Puffco Plus atomizer is a sub-ohm ceramic cup with 4 air holes in the middle. The heating element is a ceramic plate. Unlike cheap quality ceramic plate vaporizers, this ceramic cup fits snugly inside. A good line up on the ceramic plate is important for this type of atomizer, to avoid major leakage.

The Puffco Plus battery features a very subtle cloud light on the bottom of the battery. Just like the Pro 2, the silicone cloud power button is a nice change from the typical hard plastic button found on most vape pens. The battery has 3 standard heat settings. The sub-ohm atomizer produces a lot of heat like most coil-less atomizers.

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The outside of the chamber gets very hot with back to back Sesh Modes on High. BOTH vape pens are extremely easy to assemble and use, as explained on enclosed instruction card.

Click the silicone cloud five times to turn the battery on or off. Press four times to get to the next heat level. Sesh mode sends power for twelve seconds straight. Having to remember to bring the charger with you is an added annoyance. The threaded charger requires you to unthread the atomizer for each charge, which can also be a hassle. The airflow on the PuffCo Pro 2 disappoints compared to other pens.Preview comes with 12 beautiful filter packs and 73 unique filters.

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Puffco Plus Review

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